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Penis Lengthening

The only way to increase the length of the penis is by surgery to detach the suspensory ligament of the penis. The scar is a small one, which can be hidden by the pubic hair.


Penile Girth Enlargement

Enlargement of the girth (circumference of the shaft) can be done either surgically or non-surgically.


Penile Glans Enlargement

Our procedure for penile glans enlargement can be performed with penile shaft treatment on the same day, if desired (and is highly recommended).


Scrotal Enhancement

Scrotal enhancement alters the size, shape, and feel of the scrotal skin to achieve better proportions and appearance.


Our Difference

Many of the procedures done today by most providers are simply injections of temporary fillers (hyaluronic Acids) that wears off in time. This lasts for less than two years, which means that the procedures need to be repeated often, with the same amount of recovery time as the original procedure. Dr. Liu uses permanent fillers such as Bellafill and does not need to be repeated. Occasionally, after 5 years, a minor touchup with filler may be required.

If a large amount of increase in penis girth is desired, a lot of fillers is required. This can give you the size you want but because of the large amount of fillers present, the penis shaft would start to feel spongy and unnatural. The best way to obtain a large increase in girth and still feel natural is to do both insertion of a collagen sheath (Alloderm) plus filler injection.

Filler injection by itself is satisfactory if only a small increase is desired, but for larger increases, multiple injections on different sessions are required. However, if surgery and injections are done together, usually only one session is required. To obtain the desired increase in girth the amount of filler required will cost more than the surgery plus injection.

Oftentimes, penis enlargements are performed by providers that are not surgeons and who do not have surgical facilities, leading to limitations to the overall goal of the patient. Being a board-certified plastic surgeon and general surgeon, Dr. Liu does both filler injections and plastic surgery and can provide you with what is best for you. The result is a more permanent increase in girth and length and feels more natural, without the need for multiple procedures and recovery time.

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Anesthesiologists, ER doctors, pathologists, family doctors, and other non- surgical specialists are not trained to do surgery and  herefore can only offer you filler injections whether or not that is your best option. Filler injection can increase the penis somewhat when it is flaccid, but to increase the erect length of the penis, the only way to do it is by a minor surgery to divide the suspensory ligaments of the penis. This surgery is safe and easily performed by a trained surgeon but can be
risky if done by someone who is not well-trained. For more details please read the appropriate sessions on this website.

If the patient has not been circumcised, injection of fillers into the shaft of the penis for augmentation may result in the fillers migrating to the foreskin, which becomes swollen and thickened and stiff, making it look unnatural and in the worst cases, may prevent the foreskin from pulling back to expose the head of the penis. This condition is called phimosis. When this occurs it is difficult to keep the area clean and may have infection and chronic irritation. It may even predispose to
cancer formation. Non-surgeons would not be able to do circumcision.

In some patients, the penis is “shortened” because of increase in fat or drooping of the skin in the pubic area above the base of the penis. By correcting this, one can gain 1-2 inches in length of the penis. Non-plastic surgeons are unable to do this and have to send the patient to a plastic surgeon.

Normally, the scrotum is attached to the shaft of the penis at the base. However, in some patients it is attached further down to the head of the shaft, thus making the penis “shorter” This condition is called scrotal webbing. This can be easily corrected with a minor plastic surgical procedure to re-attach the scrotum to the base, thereby making the penis “longer”. This requires the services of a plastic surgeon. A doctor who is not trained to do this type of procedure would not be able to do this.

In conclusion, a physician without surgical training is limited to providing filler injections for minor enhancements in penile girth. While this method is effective for slight increases, it falls short for those seeking more significant girth enhancement. Surgical intervention is the sole approach for augmenting the length of an erect penis. Additionally, conditions like scrotal webbing and excessive pubic fat and skin necessitate surgical correction. Consequently, a non-surgical practitioner faces substantial limitations in achieving comprehensive and satisfying outcomes for patients seeking penile enlargement.


Double Board-Certifed Dr. Victor Liu

Dr. Victor Liu is a double-board certified plastic surgeon. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, is board certified in both general and plastic surgery, and is a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

He has devoted his practice full time to plastic surgery since 1984. He is well-known nationally and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dr. Liu’s patients come from all over the United States, Asia (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, and South East Asia) and Europe. He has appeared on many televisions talk shows to discuss plastic surgery and male enhancement, and has been the subject of many newspaper and magazine articles.

Why Choose Dr. Liu?

25+ Years of Experience

Dr. Victor Liu is an American-
trained plastic surgeon. He has
devoted his practice full time to
plastic surgery for more than 25

Board Certified Specialist

Dr. Liu is board-certified in both
general and plastic surgery and
is a member of the American
Society of Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgeons.

A Top-Rated Surgeon

From to Google,
Dr. Liu’s ratings and reviews are
the best in the Bay Area. No
other male enhancement doctor
has as many 5-star reviews.

15,000+ Procedures Performed

Dr. Liu has performed over
15,000 cosmetic surgical
procedures over the last 3
decades. Dr. Liu’s surgical
center is AAAA-certified for
patient safety.

One-Of-A-Kind Procedure

Dr. Liu is one of the few doctors
in the United States that can
provide permanent penis
enlargement. Most of the other
local practices only offer
temporary fillers.

World-Known Doctor

Dr. Liu’s patients come from all
over the United States, Asia
(including Hong Kong, Taiwan,
the Philippines, and South-East
Asia) and Europe for male

Non-Surgical Summer Special

Procedures must be done by September 30, 2024, to qualify.

*Financing Available

6 cc Permanent Filler


Normal value: $4,800

Estimated Girth Increase

1/4 Inch

*Financing Available

10 cc Permanent Filler


Normal value: $8,000

Estimated Girth Increase

1/2 Inch

*Financing Available

12 cc Permanent Filler


Normal value: $9,300

Estimated Girth Increase

5/8 Inch

*Financing Available

18 cc Permanent Filler


Normal value: $13,200

Estimated Girth Increase

3/4 Inch

*Financing Available

20 cc Permanent Filler


Normal value: $14,500

Estimated Girth Increase

1 Inch

*Financing Available

30 cc Permanent Filler


Normal value: $21,000

Estimated Girth Increase

1½ Inch

*Financing Available

Minimally Invasive Summer Special

Procedures must be done by September 30, 2024, to qualify.

All of our surgical procedures are minimally invasive and DO NOT require general anesthesia.

Penis Lengthening Procedure


For penile shaft lengthening and if done with girth enlargement $8,500.


*Financing Available

Length & Girth   Procedure


Elongation with Detachment of Suspensory Ligament + Girth Enlargement with Permanent Filler Injection (20-30 cc)

Normally Valued up to $29,500.
Up to $11,000 in Savings!!

*Financing Available

Length & Girth + Alloderm™ + Injections


Elongation with Detachment of Suspensory Ligament + Girth Enlargement with Permanent Filler Injection (10 cc) + Alloderm™

Normally Valued up to $32,900.
Up to $9,400 in Savings!!

*Financing Available


Permanent Penis Enlargement


The Best Rated Male
Enhancement Procedure

Why are our surgical, non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques superior to the standard methods available today? Simply put, it is much more permanent and this is what many men look for.

Many of the techniques used today are fillers that wear off quickly. Dr. Victor Liu is one of the very few providers offering male enlargement who is both a general surgeon and plastic surgeon. Having this upper hand can result in multiple options for your male enlargement procedure that will be more permanent to most other procedures.

Our procedures are truly the safest and most permanent solution you can find for penis enlargement. Due to the popularity of these procedures, they have been featured on some of the largest news networks in the world.


See Why Men Have Chosen This Procedure For Enlargement

Over the last 25 years, the number of male patients seeking aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery services has increased by 500% — from 3% of patients to more than 15% and growing every year.

Not only are we seeing an increase in cosmetic procedures that enhance men’s physiques, but we are also seeing a growing number of procedures that improve men’s physical and sexual health as well as libido. More and more men are seeking cosmetic procedures to help address a wide range of male-specific issues, including gynecomastia surgery, male enhancement and interventions for sexual performance.

We understand our patients want to discuss male enhancement in an environment where they can feel comfortable discussing this private matter. Discretion and privacy are of the utmost importance and you can feel confident that our physician and staff will maintain the utmost confidentiality.

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Our sexual enhancement specialists treat each patient with the utmost respect and care on the most personal level. Our main goal is to get you on a more confident, happier and healthier path.

Meet Dr. Victor Liu

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Dr. Victor Liu is one of the most sought after male enhancement doctors in the United States. Men from all over the country visit our Center for Sexual Enhancement for our penis enlargement procedure.

Designed Just For You

A Procedure Tailored To Your Needs

What is the goal of a male enhancement treatment? To get larger! Why do men want to get larger? The majority of men want to get larger not only to “feel” more during intercourse, but also to excite and stimulate their partner.

Permanent Results

Gain Massive Confidence

Welcome to the new you! Men who have had Dr. Liu’s procedure performed reported gains in confidence and self-esteem in every aspect of their lives. They are more confident at work. They are more confident at the gym. They are more confident in the bedroom! Take our word and our patients’ words for it that this procedure is life changing.

A Plastic Surgeon’s Approach to Penis Enlargement

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